Brad Wilson is working for you.

He will continue the fight for efficient, accountable government, and to uphold the values most important to you and your family. Following are just a few examples of his accomplishments:

  • Elected by his legislative peers to serve as House Majority Leader

  • Sponsored legislation strengthening the ability for small businesses to secure funding to grow (HB233)
  • Sponsored legislation that attracts capital to the state for start-up business in technology and other high growth industries (HB411)
  • Co-Chaired commission that moved the state prison to a new location which will result in lower recidivism and also result in upwards of 30,000 jobs created
  • Lead sponsor of legislation bolstering the tourism industry’s growth in the state, now generating over 1 billion in state/local taxes that Utahns don’t have to pay – tourists do

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

In 2012, Brad successfully passed the first law in the U.S. that screens and tests applicants for TANF (welfare) without being stopped by the courts. The first year of the program saved taxpayers over $350,000.

Taxpayer Receipt

Want to know how your tax dollars are being spent? Brad is a strong advocate of government transparency and led the effort to create a “taxpayer receipt” which you can use to see down to the penny how your state tax dollars are being used. You can find the link on the State of Utah’s homepage.

Economic Development

In 2012, as a freshman, Brad was asked to chair the Legislature’s important Economic Development Task Force. As chair, Brad oversaw the Task Force’s work with will create thousands of jobs for Utahns and also generated numerous strategies to improve Utah’s air quality.

Financial Responsibility

Most people don’t think we should be paying prisoners welfare benefits. Brad didn’t either and by passing HB226 helped ensure our tax dollars are being used wisely.

Women's Health

When a woman gets a diagnosis of Breast Cancer the last thing she and her family want to find out is that Utah Code doesn’t adequately address how drug providers should manage different drug treatments. Brad helped lead the effort to apply the same cost sharing requirements to both oral chemotherapy and intravenous chemotherapy. Bottom line is more women will be able to afford the best treatment for their specific diagnosis.

Private Property Rights

Property rights are fundamental in our country and state. To protect property owners from a wave a frivolous lawsuits emerging across the country Brad successfully passed HB347, which protects your rights in the event someone trespasses on your property and gets injured.

Helping Small Business

Brad passed a reduction in the tax rate for Business Personal Property which helped small and start-up businesses by easing their tax burden and reducing the amount of time they spend doing complicated government paperwork.

Victim's Rights

Brad passed legislation ensuring victims of crime receive fair and timely restitution and reparation from those committing those crimes.

Public Safety Honorees

Every day the Utah Highway Patrol puts their lives on the line to keep our roads and our citizens safe. Unfortunately many off these fine troopers have lost their lives in the line of duty. Brad led the effort to place signs across the state honoring these fallen troopers.