My commitment to the citizens in District 15.

It has been an honor serving the citizens of Davis County the last seven years in the House of Representatives. Originally, I ran for the legislature with a commitment to work diligently to preserve the tremendous quality of life we enjoy in Utah. I am committed to the economic vitality and continued progress of Davis County. As a lifelong resident of Davis County, I have chosen to both raise my family and start a business here. I believe that each of us have a responsibility to ensure that this area remains a wonderful place for our children to grow up.

As the owner of a small business in Layton, and having served in numerous business organizations including as the Chairman of the Davis Chamber of Commerce, I have been in a unique position to view the economic opportunities and financial challenges facing Davis County. Government both nationally and here in Utah needs to learn how to do more with less. As I have served as your representative in the Legislature, I have fought for efficient and accountable government. And as I continue to represent you, you have my commitment that I will fight for what is important to you. My goals will focus on providing excellent education opportunities for our children, promoting policies friendly for job growth and economic expansion and opposing governmental overreach in all areas of our lives.